A Bit About Me

So glad you’re here! I’m Stacy Livingstone-Hoyte; personal finance counselor, coach and founder of Financial Care Today. I was lucky enough to stumble into a career in financial services many years ago. Brokerage, insurance and financial education are some of the spaces where I have practiced and partnered with clients. In all the years of doing this work, I can’t think of a single instance where any two clients were just alike. Their experiences, motivations, mindset and values were unique to them. This is why experiencing Financial Care requires personalization. Lucky for you, this is what I do and I love this work!

I can provide you with guidance, support, accountability, tools and resources to improve your financial well-being. You won’t be doing this alone! I’ve struggled alone, especially when I was new to the American experience. I was born abroad in Guyana, South America. At age eighteen, we moved to the United States. There was a lot to absorb and figure out. I started from scratch, with zero assets or savings, credit standing, insurance, inheritance or knowledge of how things worked. A few decades later, here I am. I have built a life in America, brick by brick. On the family front, we are part of a military connected community and my children are first generation Americans.

I am open to sharing my story, with the hope that it could help further yours. Financial mistakes, shame and guilt can be overcome! I’m ready to talk about what’s important to you and partner with you to achieve it. I’ve made it easy to connect and look forward to your call, email or text message.

Thanks and Take Care.